Larry Pelcher (left) teaching Sporting Clays techniques

Illinois Passes New Concealed Carry Law...

Illinois Concealed Carry Training

Illinois Legislature has passed an historic Concealed Carry Bill. Pelcher’s will be conducting training classes leading to the certificate required for the new permit. We will be able to train and conduct the practical shooting portion of the classes in our new five position shooting range.

The current law gives the Illinois State Police time to publish the required training curriculum, register and certify instructors, as well as create the permit forms.

Since there is no definitive way to predict the exact completion date for these tasks it is probably easier to sign up for our email list. Pelcher’s will notify via email when we know what the specifics are. You can use the email link on the home page to send us your contact information, or call us to be included in the notification mailing.


Larry Pelcher is available to teach all ages and experience levels in the fine art of wingshooting, sporting clays, rifle and pistol and other shooting diciplines.

Larry is a certified FBI instructor and is experienced in tactical handgun, shotgun, and rifle defensive arts. Shooting clays since the age of 7 Larry has an extensive background as a competitive shooter. Larry is certified by the National Sporting Clays Shooting Association as an instructor.

As a reserve officer with the Lansing Police Department, he is highly experienced as a law enforcement firearms training instructor.

Call 708-474-0662 to arange a lesson with a subject matter expert in the shooting sports.

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