In 1968 the State of Illinois passed the (430 ILCS 65/)"Firearms Owners Identification Card Act." and since that law was passed a resident of the State of Illinois must have in their immediate possession (i.e. within arms reach) a valid Firearms Owners Identification Card to posses firearms and ammunition. A FOID Card is also required to purchase firearms and ammunition. 

Since the passage of the (430 ILCS 66/) "Firearm Concealed Carry Act" the IL Concealed Carry License can also be used to purchase and posses firearms and ammunition.


Once you have decided which firearm you want to purchase you will need to fill out an ATF form 4473. Then Pelchers will run your background check through the Illinois State Police. The minimal wait time is 72 hours for all firearms, but processing times at ISP can cause times to exceed the minimum wait time.

In order to pick up your firearm you will need to show your FOID card to staff at the store at time of pickup.

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