CCL License Renewal Near Chicago, IL

Illinois Legislature passed in 2013 an historic Concealed Carry Bill. Pelcher’s conducts training classes leading to the certificate required for an Illinois CCL license. We are able to train and conduct the practical shooting portion of the classes in our new five position shooting range.

The Illinois concealed carry permit certification consists of a minimum of 16 hours of training and range time. This class is generally broken into 2-8 hour segments. The first eight hours consists of 7 hours classroom covering gun safety, basic firearm knowledge and the basics of marksmanship, followed by two or more hours of actual live fire on the shooting range.

The second 8 hours, consists of eight hours classroom covering Illinois laws pertaining to the "Concealed Carry Act" and the legal use of deadly force with a firearm.

Our 16 hour course is all-inclusive: instructors, classroom, range fees, the use of .22 caliber firearms and eye & hearing protection, ammunition, targets, printed material, refreshments (lunch is included with eight hour sessions). The total cost is $200. The cost for veterans is $175.

All of our instructors are active or retired law enforcement instructors or certified NRA instructors.

All live fire range time is at our state of the art Indoor Range.
We use the latest indoor classroom firearm training aids, including “SIRT Laser Training Pistols”.

All of our facilities are Handicap Accessible.
We have successfully trained over 3000 CCW students  with nearly 100% qualifying .

Private groups of 5 to 20 students welcomed.
Our 1st 8 hour class (Safety-Nomenclature-Maintenance –Basics of Marksmanship) is an excellent course for those who only want basic Handgun Instruction.


If you have any more specific questions please call us at 708 – 474 – 0662.
If you wish to register, you may call or stop by in person or click on the link to sign up online.
Thank you
Larry Pelcher

Pelcher's Gun Shop and Indoor Shooting Range

A CCL license renewal class in progress in Chicago, IL

All Illinois residents must renew their CCL licenses every five years.

Renewal classes consist of 3 hours of classroom and range re-qualification. Click on the above link to sign-up for Renewal classes.

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